Return of the Pen

The Dorset Award Statue on my kitchen windowsill
The Dorset Award Statue

Almost a year ago, I had the fantastic experience of winning First Prize for Flash Fiction in the Bridport Prize with my 250-word story, ‘Aftermath’. I also received the Dorset Award, sponsored by Antonia, who runs the Book Shop, Bridport. The award includes the loan of this remarkable statue.

It’s a pen!

After a clean and polish, I wrapped it up and carried it through town. It’s heavy by the way. Masks on these days to enter the Book Shop, Bridport, which is still thriving and bright.

Here’s a reminder of last year’s happy day – Antonia (pictured right) obliging with an extra photo outside the shop.

This year there won’t be the same kind of gathering for prizes. News of winners will be posted on the Bridport Prize website and the presentation of the Dorset Award featured in a film.

I have to admit, I became used to seeing the statue and, whenever writing days seemed hard this year, felt comforted by its large pointy presence.

A solid reminder that

there are also days of exultation
a story can take time to ripen
it’s worth meeting a deadline
you’d better keep the faith

Now there’s a gap at home, but the statue will soon be encouraging another author. Who will it be?

Good luck to all who have the courage to send their work out for judgement and accept what comes!

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