My books page is mostly about fiction – my blog posts are mainly about facts. Facts or factual stories that have interested me. I hope that something here will interest you. And there will be opinions, because it’s a fact that people do have them. 

I plan to give writing advice, particularly for the would-be writer, the solitary writer, and the writer who deals with small independent publishers. I’m interested in health and health troubles, right along the spectrum from tip-top condition to after death: physical, mental, social, spiritual. And there will have to be a place for those category-defying topics which just thrust themselves upon you. Perhaps I shall call that ‘News’.

There’s room to comment. Please do. 

7 thoughts on “Bloggety-Blog

    1. That’s an all round lovely comment, Rhian. Thank you. Looking forward to seeing your poetry in book form – to go alongside your novel. Novelist and poet sounds good to me!


      1. I’d much prefer to say ‘Hi, Maria’! 🙂 Otherwise it sounds like I’m talking to myself (again). And yes, I know – the comma you put between hi and Robert renders my comment completely nonsensical. Life!
        And what’s all that about a ‘wonderful blog’? Tell me more!!
        *big grin*


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