Final PuN

Where is Napoleon’s tongue? Am I anything like my character, Marjorie Campbell? Bringing you more great artwork and a final round of questions about ‘Pumping Up Napoleon’ from students in South Korea studying dystopian science fiction.

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Sharing a post! ‘Levels of Editing’ by Cate Whittle via Thoughts Become Words

Here’s a chance to check whether your manuscript really is ‘submission ready’. Thanks to Gretchen of ‘Thoughts become Words’ for letting me share her original post with guest Cate Whittle on: ‘Sending Your Book Baby Out Into The World’.

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Winding Up the Week #196

Paula’s bookdar is second to none so it’s a particular honour that she featured my most recent blog post in her weekly roundup (tbr here in this reblog). Thanks, Paula!

This week we look at books read and reviewed, discover some of the best writing about literature on the blogosphere, take a peek at at two new posts relating to Wales, and highlight fascinating features from across the Internet.

Winding Up the Week #196