My Haiku Diary May 25 2017

One minute’s silence

twenty-two dead, dozens hurt

Millions sending love

We stand with Manchester

I’m not a poet (can you tell?) but there’s comfort in putting words in order. Defining something out of chaos. I’ve been working on some posts about writing haiku: poems of just three lines – some say count the syllables, five, seven and five. You could try it. Anyone can – that’s the point. But more on that another time because …

In this terrible week for those who were out in Manchester to enjoy themselves in all innocence, I don’t feel like going ahead as if nothing’s happened. Gratitude that people I know are safe sits alongside sorrow for those who have lost. So this is a short one.

Maybe, reading my haiku, you will think, ‘I could do no worse and probably better!’ Please, I would be glad if you would share your haiku in a comment on my blog. Or just say hello.

Love, Maria


Credit where it’s due

The image is by Evelyn Hartshon, reproduced here under a CC licence.

11 thoughts on “My Haiku Diary May 25 2017

  1. Maria, an appropriate response and a beautiful poem. Thank you.
    Coincidentally, I’m writing a Haiku a Day in May with my writing group. I find you can always find time for 17 syllables. And sometimes it leads to something more.
    Thinking of you.
    xx from Australia

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