Mid-March WordlessWednesday #2

Magnificent Magnolia #Wordless Wednesday.

On March 11 2019 the magnolia was already in full bloom (before Storm Gareth).

How different it all looked in mid-March last year! In Bridport (West Dorset, the UK, Europe, in the Northern Hemisphere), the tree was bare – and then came our second bout of snow.

(Almost Wordless Wednesday.)

What’s it like where you are?

I’ve already enjoyed this post from Gretchen at ‘Thoughts become Words’: ‘Undrought’ by Casey Williams.

8 thoughts on “Mid-March WordlessWednesday #2

    1. Thanks very much! I do hope you enjoy reading it. The dragon is a nice touch. As I am learning Welsh with Duolingo, dragons feature quite a bit. I shall have to look up how to say ‘a dragon delivered my parcel’!

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  1. I’m looking forward to reading it! As that really is the dragon on our front doorstep, I’d also love to say that in Welsh 🙂 I have a Wales Readathon book review in the pipeline (Dylan Thomas) and learned how to say ‘enjoy reading’ in Welsh.

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