Chicken Soup Murder Q&A

In a recent post in her Writers Chat series, Shauna Gilligan posed some great questions about The Chicken Soup Murder.

Briefly, the interview covers:

  • breaking genre.
  • the role of child narrator Michael in exploring life and death in a coming-of-age story.
  • developing the character of Nan.
  • the first lines of the novel.
  • some fun questions to finish, including the all important, ‘What’s next?’

To read the questions and answers in full, please click here

There is so much I could say about the background to writing The Chicken Soup Murder; I’m grateful to Shauna for asking me to take part in her Writers Chat series and giving me the chance to share some of that experience.

Shauna Gilligan is a novelist and short story writer, originally from Dublin. She holds a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of South Wales and teaches creative writing. Her debut novel is Happiness Comes from Nowhere. To learn more about Shauna please click here.

15 thoughts on “Chicken Soup Murder Q&A

  1. Fascinating Q & A, Maria. It’s always a treat as well as an eduaction to learn more about how a writer thinks and works. The Chicken Soup Murder is in the plan to read this summer. The plan gets changed at least weekly – but I’m hopeful 😀

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      1. By the way I just read your eloquent post about your favourite Australian crime writer, Peter Corris. It certainly made me want to read the Cliff Hardy series – not least to feel the Australian vibe. Sorry to comment about it here but I can only like it there!


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