The Last Photo – a challenge

The challenge is to post, unedited, the last photo on your SD card or phone for May. My photos are mainly of nature but this one is packaged!

I have never cooked Quinoa – so after weighing the amount I took a photo of the instructions.

I’m breaking the rules already by talking about the photo as the challenge – set by Brian aka Bushboy, which came to me via Jude from Cornwall in Colours (read the post for further details – was to post the last photo on your SD card or phone, unedited, without explanation.

Jude says she often breaks the rules so I hope it’s OK to break a few more.

The quinoa was after all quite tasty and I liked the element of crunch.

Good luck with your photos! Please do a pingback (put a link in your post somewhere) if you take up the challenge. You are bound to have something more beautiful than this!

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