12 from 21

Odd looking back through a year in pictures, to see them in a mass stretching back ‘to this time last year’. I picked 12 of my nature photos – it seems I like shadows, odd angles and the sea.

I have spared us from grey skies and rain.

East Beach, West Bay, Boxing Day 2021

December. There was this one bright day in our holiday season.

Allington Hill 11 November 2021

November. Our usual walk takes us to the top of a hill, where you can see across to the other high places – Iron Age settlements all. For once, the more recent past in the valley below is veiled in mist.

Allington Hill 13 October 2021

October. Fly agaric is becoming rare, it seems. This one’s been eaten but from this angle looks like a Pacman of the Woods – about to gobble … something!

Allington Hill, 23 September 2021

September. Two pilgrims on their way through Autumn.

West Bay 25 August 2021

August. Sunset brings out strong lines and vivid colours.

Red Admiral/Vanessa Atalanta
On Allington Hill 21 July 2021

July. I could only photograph this beauty with its wings open because it was dead and lying on the path. Other photos I took were clear but I stood up while this was going off and it seemed to give the poor thing back a bit of life.

Eype. 18 June 2021

June. A rare day off, starting and ending at Eype. Lovers of ‘Broadchurch’ will remember this chalet. Closer to the edge than ever now!

On Allington Hill 10 May 2021

May. So many photos of blossoms this month, but I like this one of a seed-head, touched with rain.

Seatown Beach 22 April 2021

April. A special, sunny day. It made me feel joyful to see the water leaping!

Bouquet du jardin 14 March 2021

March. A tiny spring bouquet of primroses, forget-me-nots and ling – from the garden, so nothing stolen from the wild.

Seatown Beach looking towards Golden Cap 27 February 2021

February. The colours are sharp and the shadows long.

Seatown Sunset 22 January 2021

January. Ending with a golden sunset.

And so back to January and starting again …

Looking forward to being outdoors in 2022! To everyone, best wishes for the New Year.

10 thoughts on “12 from 21

  1. Beautiful photos, Maria, I could almost feel the atmosphere. On our side of the world it is warm sunny and windy due to a tropical cyclone off the coast of Queensland. Fortunately nothing life-threatening except silly people who think it’s fun to swim in raging surf. Give me your calmness any day! Happy New Year and many more photos 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Gretchen. Looking forward to seeing the view from where you are in 2022. There’s so much interest for me in taking a peek through your lens in Brisbane and beyond. And it’s nice to be in touch!

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