Sharing a post! ‘Levels of Editing’ by Cate Whittle via Thoughts Become Words

Here’s a chance to check whether your manuscript really is ‘submission ready’. Thanks to Gretchen of ‘Thoughts become Words’ for letting me share her original post with guest Cate Whittle on: ‘Sending Your Book Baby Out Into The World’.

As soon as I read this post on Gretchen’s blog, I thought how useful it would be for writers to think about the sometimes lengthy process of editing for submission. I like the wisdom of Point 2: from now on if a friend tells me I’m a genius I won’t press them for honesty! There are tougher levels to go through further down the line.

Let me know what points you recognise and what took you by surprise!

Gretchen’s post follows:

My special guest Cate Whittle, author, teacher, speaker, offers her advice and experience on how to fine-tune your manuscript before submission to a publisher. Cate’s literary expertise covers workshops, writing courses, book launches, school visits and video tutorials—watch out below for her special MANUSCRIPT ASSESSMENT offer—but first sit back, relax, read ‘On the Fine Art […]

Levels of Editing ‘Sending Your Book Baby Out Into The World’ by Cate Whittle — Thoughts Become Words

6 thoughts on “Sharing a post! ‘Levels of Editing’ by Cate Whittle via Thoughts Become Words

  1. Thank you, Maria, for kindly reblogging our post. Your introduction is lovely!

    In answer to your question, I think point Number Five took me by surprise. Admittedly I am a novice but I had not heard of a Story Coach and now think it’s an excellent idea 🙂

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  2. Hi Maria – the post was helpful and thanks for sharing – I agree that some editing has to be done by pros – or those with a gift for serious editing – 🙂
    and the tip about using a
    critique group – but to also watch it – that reminded me of when my spouse was recording music- when the critique group was too large – it became a distraction and pulled from the project – so he nipped that in the bud on his next album –

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