A Solstice to remember

A baker’s dozen of local photos from the March Equinox to the June Solstice 2022

These photos are all taken with a mile or two of each other so the span is not great, geographically, but they remind me of how quickly things change from the cool promise of spring to the beginning of true summer (in the Northern Hemisphere).

A walk on the day of the March Equinox between bare trees.

It’s a miracle to me that I managed to grow violets in the front garden.

Nine star broccoli germinating on the windowsill in March.

15 April – almost-bare trees back to back

18 April – harvested one good spring cabbage. The only one to develop a heart!

April was so warm and dry here. By 15 May these were the last of the bluebells.

19 May – biggest radish ever! Nothing nearly so successful after this.

19 May – poor Robin, bemused after an attack that left him bald on top.

4 June – these street-side poppies took me by surprise. Sorry about the double yellows.

6 June – East Beach at West Bay. A reminder that I live a mile from the sea!

15 June – a welcome handful of spring raspberries and the same every day.

21 June – Mr Blackbird at the allotment, hopping in to fill his beak.

21 June – harvested garlic. Here are just a few of the Usual Suspects!

Have you been home or away in these last few months?
Growing your own?
We’ve done less walking in nature and spent more time working the allotment but after all it is a kind of Shangri-la, so peaceful and everybody doing their own thing without bothering anyone else. It’s a lot of effort sometimes for a little reward and makes me appreciate more than ever all the people who grow our food.

Wishing you well for the coming months whatever the season!

10 thoughts on “A Solstice to remember

  1. What a beautiful seasonal post. Love those street side poppies and the radish!
    We got our first harvest of about ten banana peppers and of course basil (and mint) has been there a while.
    Oh Maria – the smell of basil is one of my favorite smells of summer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Yvette! I have never had much success growing basil but now we have a greenhouse I am going to try again. Mint we have – I love it. I’m not sure what banana peppers are but I will find out 🙂 Enjoy your harvest – I can smell the basil from here. Lovely!

      Liked by 1 person

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