Cover me with flowers

The last photo on my phone for March is a herald of Spring – the celandine. Late entry for bushboy’s Last on the Card Challenge. Some not totally irrelevant advance news of inclusion in a new anthology.

A close up of celandines, the green leaves and yellow petalled flowers.

First the photo!

Brian’s a forgiving challenge host, which means it’s not too late (I hope) to enter Bushboy’s Last on the card challenge for March. Just follow the link.

The rules are simple – post the last photo you took in March, unedited. I like the surprise of finding out what it is because I always forget.

I think I can safely post this one: a close up from a long bank of celandines, taken in the third week of March. These chrome-yellow flowers appear so early that they brighten up what can be some dark days, and when the sun shines on them they have a glorious radiance.

The path where they were growing was, when I was a child, notoriously smelly, and you had to watch where you were going as it was oh dear how else to say it? – full of dog shit in various stages of smudge and drying out. Sorry about that. These days, that’s rare. Most people pick up after their dogs. It’s good to remember that. We’re now in the age of the poo bag in a tree but that’s another matter.

Celandines: much nicer than what there was before. And no stink.

Here is my second to last photo: the clean path and the long bank of celandines, with an occasional early dandelion.

A bank of celandines and a clean path

Advance notice: one of my short stories, set in a flower bulb factory, will be published in a new anthology. I’m looking forward to reading all the other contributions! Proper announcements coming soon.

14 thoughts on “Cover me with flowers

  1. Congrats on having one of your stories in the anthology
    I almost reached out to you for our anthology this year!
    And maybe we can work together on a different project sometime?
    Anyhow – had to laugh at a few parts of this post / glad the path is no longer filled with dog crap!

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    1. Thanks for reading, Yvette! I will look for news of your anthology. I love short stories. Working on a novel at the moment but I had the idea for this one so took some time out to do it because it’s always nice to be included in an invitation. Try me another time if you would like to! 😘

      Liked by 1 person

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