Guest post: May in Oz – the view from Down Under by Sarah Klenbort

The months of the Gregorian calendar, their names and cultural associations, are historically connected with life in the Northern Hemisphere. But in Australia, May brings autumn or fall. My friend, the writer Sarah Klenbort, give us a view from Down Under.  Continue reading “Guest post: May in Oz – the view from Down Under by Sarah Klenbort”

Writer leaves shell!

I like solitude. Even before I needed peace for writing (though, come to think of it, I’ve managed to work with the sound of sanding and drilling going on for the past few years) I liked being on my own: to hear my own thoughts and observe the world and dream, not having to talk (except to myself) or be derailed by someone else’s thought train.

And then you take yourself and your work out in public … 

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