Steaming across the pond

Thanks to Becky Ross Michael, a glimpse into the U.P. Reader #4 has set off in me a nostalgia for a place I’ve never been: the Upper Peninsular of Michigan.

Becky Ross Michael now lives in Texas and blogs at Platform Number 4. As one of her followers I entered a prize draw to win a copy of this anthology featuring her memoir piece ‘Much Different Animal’. The U.P. Reader is packed with fiction and poetry, history and humour. It draws you deep into what was for me an unfamiliar and beautiful landscape and into the literary present, past and future of the Yooper. I loved Becky’s words and the grainy black-and-white photos featured throughout the anthology – mysterious visions of a way of life quite unknown to me before.

At some point Becky will be able to post her memoir piece on her own blog. Meanwhile you might like to visit her over at Platform Number 4. Her posts always set me on new trails of discovery.

A post from Platform Number 4

I also recommend the U.P. Reader anthology to anyone who’d like to taste the flavour of the Yooper way of life and gain an appreciation of the natural beauty of the Upper Peninsular, its stories, history and humour. There’s an amazing wealth of literary talent connected to the place.

My copy crossed a continent and an ocean to reach me but you can also get it here on Kindle

I’m going to enjoy dipping into this anthology for some time to come. Thanks, Becky!

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