Botanical Gardens Fresh Air and Sunshine

As the Northern Hemisphere leans into spring, I enjoyed this post about autumn in Brisbane so much I chose it for my first ever reblog. Thanks to Gretchen for giving us the tour of the lovely Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens.

Thinking locally to me (in Dorset, SW England) a visit to Abbotsbury Sub-tropical gardens might be in order. Curious to know what they have in common and what the differences will be.

What’s March like in your part of the world? Come back and leave a comment!

Thoughts Become Words

Coming out of a hot dry summer, March weather is beginning to soften the sky and offer the cooler, more gentle mornings of autumn.  There is no definite change of season, just a calmness, almost a feeling of relief after the insistent tropical heat.

Apart from, whack, an insect, there’s something serene and relaxing about strolling through a garden, touching leaves, sniffing flowers, following a creek and hearing the splash of a small waterfall through the trees.

To quote Rudyard Kipling “The Glory of the Garden it shall never pass away!” so…

Here’s what I experienced one lovely morning…

Arriving early at the Brisbane Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, I strolled through a cool, green gully and thought it was strange to be in a capital city yet hear no traffic sounds.  I floated along, enjoying the stillness, until my personal calm was shattered when the garden crew came on…

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