Read my lips

An extract from The Chicken Soup Murder, read by me on Youtube. See me looking both owlish and like my mother, which is quite funny as I am channelling the voice and views of a ten-year-old boy.

Click here to see the video for part 1 of the launch of the magazine Indelible: Issue 5 Food and Nurture. My five minutes are right near the start.

Here’s the menu of contributors to the online event.

Writers of fiction and non fiction, poets and artists were all involved in this one lovely magazine, which appears thanks to our editor, Roula-Maria Dibb.

The cover for this issue features the work of Jolanda Stokkermans, an amazing rendering of Girl with a Pearl Earring in food art form.

Jolanda is a graphic designer who decided to make her plated meals into works of art. Her work is a bit hit on Instagram and elsewhere. Puts our faces made with fruit in porridge in their proper place (our tums).

How would you feel about eating Jolanda’s work of art?

9 thoughts on “Read my lips

    1. Hi Becky I think something went wrong when I replied before! The link should be there in bold near the beginning of the post. I will see if I can paste it in as well. Thanks for looking!


  1. Hi Becky, thanks for reading the post and thanks for looking for that link! I put it quite near the start where it says in bold ‘Click here to see the video’. It works for me but if it doesn’t work for you perhaps you could let me know? And just in case here is the YouTube link undressed. If you copy and paste it that should definitely work (fingers crossed):


  2. It worked for me this time; thanks, Maria! I loved this introduction to your book and was reminded again how intrigued I was by the entire concept when I originally learned about it. In this sample, your main character’s authentic voice and personality certainly shine through. I’ve ordered my copy from Book Depository!

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