Last Photo for July

The challenge (thanks, Brian) is to show the last photo on your SD card or phone for July – unedited and with no comment. See Bushboy’s post for all the details.

Here’s mine.

Stop reading now if you like but I am curious to know who recognises this flower, commonly seen right now in wild places in the South of England. The clue is that the plant is one of the ingredients in a traditional soft drink.

Let me know in the comments and if you’re not sure come back for the answer!

You could also look the flower up for yourself in the very useful app from Plant net.

3 thoughts on “Last Photo for July

  1. I recognized it – although your photo is so perfect and realer than real! – even though I have not seen one for a very long time. But could not name it although the name is familiar.

    If you believe half the people on the intertubes, then burdock will cure you of every ailment short of precious politicians and chronic corruption.

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    1. Thank you! I don’t believe I have taken much notice of the flower before though I know burdock well enough from its leaves. The flowers were past their best within a few days. If only it was a cure all. I haven’t tried it – I also read that the burrs were the inspiration for Velcro. Other plants might make the same claim!


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