A closing down of tabs

The September Equinox finds me in the blessed space between stories. Warning: this post contains a photo of a spider.

A wasp spider? Probably. Hanging between things? Certainly

There’s a little time to enjoy doing practical things: clearing out the shed, unpacking a box (I moved seven years ago) and closing down some of the tabs I’ve left open on my browser ‘in case I need them’.

Here are just a few of the things I have looked up since the June solstice. See if you can guess which of them might have been needed for a story. Links are in bold.

Plus some photos from walks in the area.

When you can’t see the hills for the mist

The history of the swede

What is the word for swede in Swedish? Hint: it helps if you ask the online translation for ‘Swedish turnip’ otherwise you will get Svensk when you want ummm … kålrot ???

How to recognise and control understeer

Primitive net making from carving your needle to weaving your net

How to make nettle string

Decoding the death certificate

How long will dead animals smell for?

And finally, Time and date of the September equinox. Here is it the autumnal equinox: for Southern Hemisphere friends, Spring is on the way. The exact date and time if you live on the Greenwich Meridian is 22 September 2021 at 20.21 BST. Neat numbers.

The above whatnot is extracted from my diary: ‘June Solstice to September Equinox 2021’. I used to have one diary for the year but as it became too big and slow to load I split it into seasons.

Tomorrow begins a new diary, a new phase.

Merry Equinox!

Oh Glorious September! On Stonebarrow looking West

16 thoughts on “A closing down of tabs

    1. Yes cobwebs everywhere. Was glad that this one made a kind of cup among the grasses and we didn’t need to disturb it. Not the same for spiders that make their webs across the garden path or on the wheelie bin. Enjoy your September, Paula!

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      1. Oh yes, perfect link! Persistence and – a recent discovery for me – very small steps. I can accomplish so much more by focusing just on the next small step. (I shall apply this to blogging very soon!)

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      2. Am with you there. It helps to focus on what is actually happening anyway. All the very best to you, Sandra, and good luck with the blogging! I nearly gave it up but it has been nice meeting people …

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  1. How wonderful, happy Equinox, Maria. Spring Equinox 2021 in Southern Hemisphere arrived at 5:20am on Thursday 23 September, Eastern Australia Time. The temperature here in Brisbane is 28 degrees Celsius (about 28 Fahrenheit) so I do envy your cooler climes. And I do admire your spider 🙂 Gretchen.

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  2. An intriguing set of tabs. Trying to link them all together into a wonderfully researched murder and chase thriller that centers on a Scandinavian fugitive who went off the road and is now living on root vegetables and minnows while hiding with a dead badger in a shelter held together with nettle string

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